Peter Dowd MP visits local salon as part of the APPG’s summer beauty campaign

As part of the APPG’s campaign to encourage MPs to support the beauty sector over summer, APPG Officer Peter Dowd visited an NHBF salon, Glam Rock Studios, in his constituency, Bootle.

Peter Dowd MP met with salon staff and discussed a range of issues including the challenges of Covid-19 over the last year, issues around reopening, the business environment in Bootle and government support. He said:

It was great to meet local salon owner Stephanie Lavery and to hear from the team about the challenges facing this key sector in Bootle as they work to return to a more recognisable business environment. The hair & beauty sector has been heavily affected by the pandemic. A number of issues raised will inform our work in Parliament, particularly the many self-employed people in the industry who have been mainly left to look after themselves and I will be pushing for more support from the Government to ensure beauty salons do not experience any further disruption to day-to-day operations”.

You can read more about the visit on the NHBF’s website here.